Taking on The World One Country at a Time

Welcome to my travel blog! I’m a lover of all things travel and I hope that at the very least I can inspire others to pursue their love of travel. There is now doubt that travel can be daunting, but once you have overcome those initial doubts it will be the best thing you ever do. I plan on sharing my past travels, plans for future travels and discussing other travel related matters. I generally travel solo or join tour groups as a solo traveler, and as more women seek to travel solo, I will definitely be covering these topics too. 

I will begin sharing my travel adventures soon, I’m just in the process of gathering my tales and photos. For more photos of my various travels, checkout my Instagram page AJT_Travel.

 China was the first major overseas trips I did, travelling from Beijing across the vast country to Kashgar (Kashi) in the Xinjiang province. This will be posted soon! So stay tuned. Western China is not the most explored area of the country, so I’m really excited to share my experiences of my time travelling here.

Other adventures I have embarked on include Europe, North Africa and the Greek Islands. (Camping in the Sahara Desert with Berber nomads was one of my most favourite experiences so far & I highly recommend it!) But, I have more adventurous trips planned for 2020. As an Aussie I plan on supporting the local tourism industry as the Australian tourism industry has taken a serious hit with bush fires, droughts and floods in recent times. Despite, all the negative reports, Australia is open for business so put us on your bucket list!

I do have plans to head overseas too in 2020, with a 10 day trip to Cuba planned later in the year. More bucket list destinations getting ticked off.

Happy reading,

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